misc. parts produced by Richland Screw Machine ProductsCompany History
In 1946, Charles J. Schoenman started making screw machine parts in a double garage in Mansfield, Ohio. He was later joined by his four sons, moved the business to Grant Street and became Richland Screw Machine Products, Inc. After the death of their father in 1960, the brothers continued the family business and constantly grew by maintaining a hands on operation and being involved with all aspects of the business. After having worked for the family business for many years,
Randall L. Schoenman, grandson of Charles, bought the business and became
the current president of Richland Screw Machine Products, Inc.

Richland Screw Machine Today
In recent years, we have been updating our machinery and computerizing many of our processes. Screw machines will continue to change in the coming years as will the parts we make. We intend to stay aware of these changes and make the ones necessary for us to meet our customers needs and remain competitive. However, we also intend to keep the same traditional way of doing business that has gotten us where we are today, where the customer is always right and people are more important than machines. We believe attention to our customers needs as well as our employees needs will continue to make us successful. It is our hands on approach that keeps our customers coming back and choosing us over the other screw machine shops.

Markets We Serve
  Medical Equipment Laboratory Equipment
  Pump Manufacturers Hydraulic Manufacturers
  Off Shore Sport Fishing Bowling Products
  Fire Fighting Equipment Special Orders & Much More


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